Ways to Quit Smoking

"Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality in the United States" - this is the most disturbing fact that the Surgeon General's Report contains. However, this mere statement is only half as disturbing when you find out that this report was made way back in 1982 because at present, the number of fatalities related to smoking increases every day. Based on a very intricate study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by the end of 2004, the current number of American adults who were smoking on a regular basis reached a staggering 44.5 million, making more than 20% of Americans smokers.

It is a fact that smoking causes severe complications on our health that may eventually lead to our own very premature deaths. In fact, adult male smokers lose an estimated 13.2 years on their lives while female smokers lose 14.5 years worth of their lives, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, smoking regularly doesn't necessarily equate to an instant and rapid death. No, it doesn't, for the mere act of smoking a single stick of cigarette is virtually capable of harming almost all vital organs of the body which induces a very slow and painful death through illnesses such as emphysema, blood clot, tuberculosis, and more. CDC attests to this fact with their study showing that approximately 8.6 million Americans were being tormented by at least one chronic disease in the year 2000 from smoking cigarettes on a regular period.

With these dreaded outcomes brought about by smoking, it is a very wise decision to start dropping this vice and start living a very healthy and longer life with your family. The following are some of the suggested methods in curbing down your cigarette-craving until you finally say good riddance to this nasty habit.

First, practice deep breathing every time you feel that urge to smoke a cigarette. Make sure to inhale a lung-full of air that you can muster in one breath. Then, let the air escape through your lips slowly. This simple act is a basic form of yoga and can be useful when you are placed in stressful situations that may urge you to light up a cigarette.

Second, it is always advisable to take in a lot of fluid. There's nothing water can't heal, goes one famous saying, and it stands true because drinking large amounts of water will aid your body to wash out the nicotine and other toxins that corrupt your body.

Third, write down all the positive things of being a non-smoker. Jotting down these advantages will open your eyes and enlighten your frame of thinking which was primarily clouded with the addiction to smoking. Be sure to read aloud all the good things that you've written down. In this way, you get to condition yourself to avoid thinking of going back to your addiction.

Fourth, indulge in simple pleasures. You can try pampering yourself by enjoying a day at a spa to release all the bad vibes and stressful tensions that may serve as impetus to your smoking spree.

Fifth, find the will to destroy all your cigarette stash. Be sure to hide or completely destroy all of your cigarette supplies or anything related to smoking (e.g. ashtrays). The principle behind this rule is quite simple: out of sight, out of mind. Having your favorite lighter lying around your room or around your house won't make it easier for you. This is quite similar to the process of being over someone. Forgetting becomes more difficult when familiar stuffs that can lead you back to that someone is scattered all over your living room.

Lastly, try using some oral substitutes. Such oral substitutes are cinnamon sticks, nicotine gum, and artificial cigarettes. However, you must take note that these "substitutes" only keep you hooked on a cigarette's main component which is nicotine. Thus, this makes the whole quitting ritual a bit more challenging.

A far better alternative to these nicotine-based substitutes is to try out Cig-Arette. Unlike these common cigarette substitutes, the Cig-Arette System rids the tissue cells and blood of nicotine which renders the user the ability to immediately escape and resist any physical dependence on nicotine. Moreover, smokers who prefer to use these nicotine patches and nicotine gums only condition their body to become more dependent on nicotine which fosters bouts of regression during the latter part of the quitting process. Cig-Arette uses only natural and organic plants and herbs to combat both the stress build-up, which usually serves as a reason for most people to smoke, and the nicotine that clogs the bloodstream. Furthermore, the Cig-Arette program produces instant results for within the seven-day program, all of the nicotine collected by the body will be purged out from your lungs down to your bloodstream.

Quitting smoking is never a walk in the park. Having to give up the habit you've grown accustomed to can really be a very painful endeavor. However, with all the negative effects and with no proven beneficial aspect, the act of giving up smoking is the wisest move you can ever do in your life. The mere fact that you've thought of shaking this vile habit says a lot about your love and zeal for life.

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