SWIFT Codes Listing - Philippine Banks

This is for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who are sending remittances to the Philippines through bank-to-bank transfer. Using the bank SWIFT code is very important.

SWIFTSWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. They have over 8,300 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in more than 208 countries to exchange millions of standardised financial messages.

In sending your remittances to your recipients in the Philippines, you should fill-up the following:
Bank Name:
Bank Branch/Location:
Account Name:
Account Code:
Swift Code list - Philippine banks:
  • Allied Banking Corporation ABCMPHMMXXX
  • American Express Bank Philippines AMEXPHMMXXX
  • Asia United Bank Corporation AUBKPHMMXXX
  • Australia and New Zealand Bank ANZBPHMXXXX
  • Banco de Oro Universal Bank BNORPHMMXXX
  • Banco Santander Philippines Inc BSCHPHMMXXX
  • Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd BKKBPHMMXXX
  • Bank of America NA Manila BOFAPH2XXXX
  • Bank of China Manila Branch BKCHPHMMXXX
  • Bank of Commerce PABIPHMMXXX
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands BOPIPHMMTRY
  • Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ltd BOTKPHMMXXX
  • BSP Payments Unit PHCBPHMDXXX
  • BSP Treasury Department PHCBPHMMXXX
  • Chemical Bank Mla Branch JP Morg CHASPHMMXXX
  • China Banking Corporation CHBKPHMMXXX
  • ChinaTrust Phil Commercial Bank CTCBPHMMXXX
  • Citibank Cash Department CITIPHMXPRA
  • Citibank NA Manila Branch CITIPHMXXXX
  • CitiBank Treasury Unit CITIPHMXTSU
  • Deutsche Bank AG DEUTPHMMXXX
  • Development Bank of the Phil. DBPHPHMMXXX
  • East West Banking Corporation EWBCPHMMXXX
  • Equitable PCI Bank PCIBPHMMXXX
  • Export and Industry Bank EAIBPHMMXXX
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank HSBCPHMMXXX
  • International Comm Bank of China ICBCPHMMXXX
  • International Exchange Bank INXBPHMMXXX Evelyn
  • Korea Exchange Bank KOEXPHMMXXX
  • Land Bank of the Philippines TLBPPHMMXXX
  • Maybank Philippines Incorporated MBBEPHMMXXX
  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. MBTCPHMMXXX
  • Mizuho Corporate Bank MHCBPHMMXXX
  • Philippine Bank of Communications CPHIPHMMXXX
  • Philippine National Bank PNBMPHMMTOD
  • Philippine Veterans Bank PHVBPHMMXXX
  • Philtrust Bank PHTBPHMMXXX
  • Prudential Bank PILBPHMMXXX
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corp RCBCPHMMXXX
  • Security Bank and Trust Corp SETCPHMMXXX
  • Standard Chartered Bank SCBLPHMMXXX
  • Union Bank of the Philippines UBPHPHMMXXX
  • United Coconut Planters Bank UCPBPHMMXXX
  • United Overseas Bank Philippines UOVBPHMMXXX
  • Al Amanah
  • Islamic Bank ALAMPHM1XXX
  • Anchor Savings Bank ANCBPHM1XXX
  • Asiatrust Development Bank ASDVPHM1XXX
  • Banco Filipino SMB FIAOPHM1XXX
  • Bank One Savings & Trust Corp ONSTPHM1XXX
  • Bankwise Inc BKWSPHM1XXX
  • BPI Family Savings Bank BPFFPHM1XXX
  • Centennial Savings Bank Inc CNSVPHM1XXX
  • Equitable Savings Bank Inc EQSVPHM1XXX
  • First Consolidated Bank Inc FIOOPHM1XXX
  • GSIS Family Bank GSISPHM1XXX
  • HSBC Savings Bank Inc HSBSPHM1XXX
  • Insular Life Sav & Trust Co ILSTPHM1XXX
  • Isla Bank Inc ISTHPHM1XXX
  • Keppel Bank Philippines Inc KEPHPHM1XXX
  • LBC Development Bank LBCDPHM1XXX
  • Luzon Development Bank LUDVPHM1XXX
  • Malayan Bank SMB MAARPHM1XXX
  • Manila Banking Corporation MABCPHM1XXX
  • Merchant Savings and LA, Inc. MRCBPHM1XXX
  • Mindanao Development Bank MDDEPHM1XXX
  • Orion Savings Bank Inc. ORSIPHM1XXX
  • Philam Savings Bank Inc PHSAPHM1XXX
  • Philippine Business Bank PPBUPHM1XXX
  • Philippine Postal SB PHPSPHM1XXX
  • Philippine Savings Bank PHLSPHM1XXX
  • AB Capital and Inv Corp CAVPPHM1XXX
  • BPI Capital Corp BPAPPHM1XXX
  • BPI Leasing Corp BPLIPHM1XXX
  • First Malayan Lsng & Fin. FMLFPHM1XXX
  • First Metro Investment Corp FMICPHM1XXX
  • Planters Development Bank PLDEPHM1XXX
  • Premiere Development Bank PRDEPHM1XXX
  • Queen City Dev Bank QCDFPHM1XXX
  • RCBC Savings Bank Inc RCSBPHM1XXX
  • Real Bank Inc RLBKPHM1XXX
  • Robinsons SB Corp RBNVPHM1XXX
  • The Palawan Bank PWDBPHM1XXX
  • UCPB Savings Bank UCSVPHM1XXX
  • Multinational Inv Bancorp MUIAPHM1XXX
  • RCBC Capital Corp RCCOPHM1XXX
  • State Investment Trust Inc STIVPHM1XXX
  • CB Housing Fund CBPHPHM1XXX
  • CB Provident Fund CBPFPHM1XXX
  • CB Car Plan Fund CBCPPHMIXXX
If you will ask why One Network Bank does not have a SWIFT code, they do not have one. You can course your remittance for a ONB local account through international banks PNB and BDO and the deposit will be automatically downloaded to that account.

PhilPaSS Primer
Source: http://www.bsp.gov.ph/financial/payments/PhilPaSS.pdf