PLDT MyDSL Not Yet, Still With Smartbro

Here is an update with my Smartbro to PLDT switch.

My plan to switch to PLDT MyDSL was not realized since my last post relative to Smartbro. In other words, I am still hooked on this crappy ISP.

The reason why PLDT in our area is not yet accepting MyDSL applications at this time is that their Manila head office has not shipped the "cabinet". I am referring to a cabinet equipped with IPDSLAM or Internet Protocol Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer.

According to feedback in forum sites, the IPDSLAM automatically disconnects the line if it detects there is no activity at the subscriber's computer, an advance feature of this new equipment used by PLDT in selected areas that were already upgraded. I think I will be able to expound it by the time I'm already subscribed with PLDT MyDSL.

On the other hand, I have noticed that Smartbro is getting faster these days. The internet speed is occasionaly intermittent unlike before it was consistent that I thought of smashing the canopy everytime the line was down (although that is impossibe because the antenna is 35 feet above the roof).

I was reliably informed that Smartbro's Customer Service is improving. Although the CS agents still read rusty scripts, at least their capacity to respond to queries of disgruntled callers improved. Smartbro also revised the hotline service. When you call *1888, pressing the following numbers will direct you to the appropriate support service.
  • 1 -Technical Support | before: New applications
  • 2 - Billing and non-technical concerns | before: Follow up on applications
  • 3 - For Smartbro's products and promos | before: Billing and non-technical concerns
  • 4 - To follow up application or scheduled installation | before: Technical support
You see, Smartbro currently has put Technical Support on top of the others. Meaning, they are giving priority to that now, at least...I mean, at last!

Was this because they intend to improve the service? Or because they were worried that the issue started to pick up the attention of Philippine senators? Read this post at the forum.

I am not sure of that. There's only one thing in my mind now. The improved Smartbro service should continue to make up for the long years of suffering of Smartbro subscribers.