New Tricks To Bypass Rapidshare Download Limit

"This is how I get what I want from RapidShare without having to wait [for] 60+ minutes between downloads.

First off, [there are] two methods I use. Granted [it] is still one file at a time, [at least] you will not have to wait an hour [or more] between downloads.

First method is having two NICs and a hub.

1. Download a file from RapidShare.

2. Disable one nic and activate another after download is complete. While NIC is activating restart Modem. ISP will assign a new IP.
3. Download another file.

4. When download is complete, create a bridge between NICs while restarting modem. Your ISP will assign a new IP.

This will get you three files in time limit set by RapidShare.

This method is not that high speed but is better then one file an hour.

Second method uses MAC cloaning application.

It will allow you to change your MAC address of your NIC.

Install MAC cloaning app (search Google from appz) Different appz have different procedures, read the help file to figure out what you are doing. I use SMAC, it is pretty simple.

1. Download file from RapidShare.

2. Change MAC address (don’t change until the current file is finished downloadling)

3. Restart Modem, ISP will issue a new IP for new MAC address. Takes less then 15 seconds.

4. Download another file from RapidShare

I know these methods are not the greatest, but I have not found anything else that works as painless as these."

This post is in response to the request of Nick via my CBox. Note: All credits go to this page.