Keywords put Coolbuster on top Google search results

Coolbuster, Cablenut seting.

These words put Coolbuster At Your Service on top Google search results.

Note that "setting" is mispelled as "seting". When I tried to use the correct spelling of "setting", my blog ranked second to, a top ranking website which promotes Cablenut windows registry tweaking program.

It's still acceptable since this keyword is playing between rank one and two and all the rest of known websites just follow. I do not know how I did it but its helping me get more traffic when it comes to Cablenut tweaking.

I have checked my pageviews statistics last night and was surprised that from a low 200+ page views in the past weeks, my blog passed the 600 mark. It was a 200% increase on page views. Pretty cool I say.

Joining Digg is one great factor of the increase. During my free time after lunch yesterday I submitted the article "Google Now Supports OpenID - Great!" on Digg and from thereon the rest is history.

For a newbie blog like this, getting passed the 500 pageview mark is, well, an achievement. It means that readers scan my pages now unlike the previous months.

For this, I would like to thank Digg and Google for directing traffic to my blog.

My next mission is to get one thousand pageviews. I look forward to achieveing that in the near future.