Coolbuster Recommends ProcessQuickLink™

For added security to your computer, Coolbuster recommends ProcessQuicklink from

It is a light and user-friendly program with resources usage of just a little more than 2mb, very easy to install and you hardly will notice any changes upon installation.

All you will see right thereafter are very nicely designed tiny buttons in the Task Manager, which will direct you to very useful information relevant to the process beside the button when you click it.

Publisher's Description

As many as 20 to 30 processes may be running invisibly, silently in the background on your PC. Some hog system resources, drastically slowing down your computer. Others are a threat to security and privacy. A few may be harmless.

The Windows Task Manager displays most of these processes but you have no information to learn and understand what is what.

Get the latest definitions and exhaustive advice on all the processes running on directly in the Windows Task Manager by downloading the QuickLink InfoBar from


Click on the Icon found in Task Manager (once ProcessScanner is installed) - Click on this to view relevant information about that process button to instantly gain access the relevant process descriptions and advice through the Task Manager.

Gain insight on any process through easy and quick search feature Quick Search that queries over 9000 entries in database directly.

Provided free of charge, new process descriptions are added on a weekly basis making the site the most comprehensive source of information yet.

Requires Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

More than anything else, ProcessQuickLink is free!