Cleaner Desktop Faster Startup

A lot of users are fond of placing folders and shortcuts on the desktop to locate or remember files easily. We probably didn't notice but this is delaying the startup process. Normally, the operating system will lookup and load those folders and shortcuts during startup. What if we do something to avoid it?

Here's a procedure which will greatly help.
1. Open 'My Computer'. At any drive, create a new folder named 'Shortcuts'. [Screenshot]

2. Inside the 'Shortcuts' folder, create several folders. I suggest you name them as 'Applications', 'Games', 'My Files' or whatever, depending on your personal preference. [Screenshot]

3. Go back to your desktop. Cut the desktop folders/shortcuts and paste it in the folders in #2. Do it according to classification. For example: shortcut to Crysis goes to games and so on and so forth. After all of them have been moved there, close the window. [Screenshot]

4. Now, right click the Taskbar. Go to 'Toolbars' then 'New toolbar'. A new window will pop up, go to the drive where you created the 'Shortcuts' folder and click it. Click OK and you're done. [Screenshot] [Screenshot]

5. Restart your PC and notice a big improvement. [Screenshot]