Blog's New Look

After so many searches for a nice and professional looking theme for my blog, I finally found one that suits my taste.

The new theme that I am using now is the "Arthemia" magazine blogger template, which is a free professional magazine style theme designed by Micheal Jubel and was converted to a Blogger template by ThemeLib.
I was searching for a theme that's not dark because the one I formerly used has colors associated with halloween or something; you black, dark grey and orange.

Now this new theme is just perfect. It is wide and has some of the features that I like most.

There's this dropdown tab for links. Instead of placing the links/blog roll somewhere, you can place them all here. Truly a space-saving feature.

Look at the sidebar. Here you can find the Recent Posts and Recent Comments sections which are automatically updated through the blog's feed. Now you don't have to look for the Archive. Cool huh?

Check out the bottom part. Here I can place anything I want, from photos to buttons to badges. Everything looks organized, so nice to look at.

This one's my favorite. When you quote something in your post, the result is a grey shade that will show emphasis on the quoted words or figures. With that, you can easily distinguish one set of words from another. I dunno with you but I rarely see a theme which has a feature like this.

Maybe there are features of this great Arthemia magazine blogger template that I have not known yet...hopefuly I will discover those soon. I need to read more comments and feedback regarding this template on other websites. Right now, I really feel good and happy with the new look of my blog.

If you have something in mind that you'd like to share with me and the rest of the readers, please feel free to leave a comment okay? So I can improve even more the look of my blog. Your tips relative to this will surely help others too.

For those who would like to use this theme in their blog or website, have the Arthemia theme downloaded from this site.

Thank you for this one!