Smartbro Portal Upgrade Redirected Many

This morning a friend emailed me some photos and a short story on what happened with her smartbro connection last night at 10.

  • She was replying to emails on her Yahoo! account when suddenly the browser redirected her to the portal.

New Login Page?
  • Yes. She found out that the Smartbro portal now has a new login page. The Username and Password boxes are gone and were replaced by Service Reference Number and Account Number boxes.

Funny Thing
  • According to the system generated notification, she was redirected to the portal due to "Error Code 40200".
  • Do you notice the Active status? The funny thing was - there was a "Failed Account Reactivation" when obviously it showed that her status is "active"!
  • Another Smartbro glitch?

What My Friend Did
  • Called up Smartbro Customer Service thru her Smart cellphone at *1888.
  • Stated her reference number and concern/problem.
  • The call center agent asked her computer's Physical Address and IP Address.
  • The agent gave her a report reference number and told her to monitor the connection within 24 hours.
Fast Action?
  • My friend called the Smartbro CS after 8 hours hoping that she will be reconnected as she needs to reply to a very important email. Called *1888 and was answered by a soft-spoken-bedroom-voiced representative. After noting the report reference number, the agent softly explained that the problem was due to the "portal software upgrade". She is just waiting for the technical department to "reset" the setting of my friend's account in the portal so the system will be able to register her as an active account again.
  • The agent told my friend to stay on the line for a minute or two for she needs to make a follow-up on the "re-setting". After a few seconds, she got back on the line and told my friend to close and re-open the browser. Presto, her internet was reconnected.

Same Speed :-(
  • At least, the service was fast that time. Unlike the previous months when it will take forever before a simple connection problem gets fixed. My friend thanked that soft-spoken-bedroom-voiced agent.
  • Before hanging up, out of curiousity my friend asked the agent, "The upgrade was on the portal system/software. How about the speed, were we upgraded to 512 kbps?"
  • The agent answered, "Ma'am, it's still up to 384 kbps." My friend said thanks and hung-up.