How to Speed Up µTorrent 2.0 Tweak Guide

SO FAR, uTorrent is the best BitTorrent downloader ever. It's light and fast and there have been great improvements as far as features and performance are concerned. The new version, µTorrent 2.0, allows users to change its skin for a more personalized experience.

Even so, I know many users still want their µTorrent client enhanced further that's why I'm posting this step-by-step procedure, which can also be applied for earlier versions starting 1.8. I'm confident that this tweak guide will be useful to you as it was to many in the past.

Steps to Tweak µTorrent 2.0

1. Open µTorrent 2.0 (if you don't have it yet, get it from here).

2. Go to Options/Preferences or click the Preferences icon.

3. In the General settings:

* Under Windows Integration:
  • Check "Check association on startup".
  • Uncheck "Start µTorrent on system startup". This will improve your system startup speed.
* Under Privacy:
  • Check both "Check updates automatically" and "Send anonymous information when checking for updates".
  • Uncheck "Update to beta versions". I'm sure only a few wanted to be beta testers.
* Under When Downloading:
  • Uncheck "Append .!ut to incomplete files".
  • Check both "Prevent standby if there are active torrents" and "Pre-allocate all files".
  • Click "Apply".
4. In Connection settings:
  • Check "Enable UPnP port mapping", "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping" and "Add Windows Firewall exception".
  • If you like extra security, check "Randomize port each start"; otherwise, uncheck.
  • Click "Apply".
5. In Bittorent settings:

* Under "Basic BitTorent Features:
  • Check all except "Limit local peer bandwidth".
* Under Protocol Encryption:
  • In the "Outgoing" dropdown box, select "Enabled".
  • Check "Allow incoming legacy connections.
  • Click "Apply".
6. In the Advanced settings:
  • Find the "net.max_halfopen" entry and then click it.
  • In the "Value" box, replace the default value with 100, click "Set".
  • Click "Apply" and then OK to exit.
7. Now, in the lower part of the µTorrent window, find the box where the tick is located. A tick is the small icon which shows a green circle if your connection is good, yellow triangle if it's firewalled, and a red circle when your connection is blocked.
  • Click the tick and a new window will open.
  • In the "Connection Type" dropdown box, select your desired speed.
  • For Smartbro, PLDT MyDSL, Bayantel and Globe Broadband, I recommend "xx-2Mbit".
  • For other ISPs, you can choose your desired bandwidth speed.
  • Click "Use Selected Settings" and you're done.
8. Exit µTorrent and then re-open to use.

For older versions, click here.

Updated: 10 February 2010