I Lost 15 Pounds in 4 Weeks

Just a diversion from the usual computer/tech stuff =)

At 33, I have to be health conscious for the following reasons:

Highblood pressure, diabetes and cancer in my bloodline -
  • when I was still 9, my father died due to a fatal stroke caused by high blood pressure;
  • my mother has high sugar count;
  • my aunt died of breast cancer three years ago;
  • my grandpas and grandmas died of stroke due to high blood pressure too.
I am scared.
Being an outgoing person, I am prone to drinking, eating disorders and stress which affect physical health. I easily get sick and do not have strong immunity from illnesses. Moreover, I realized I'm not getting any younger.

I thought it's time to do something to keep fit, otherwise I will surely suffer the same fate as that of my elders. So I designed a personal program aiming to meet an ideal weight and healthy body. The result is amazing.

What did I do to loose 15 pounds (6.82 kgs.) in 4 weeks?
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
    • No rice (wow!);
    • No junk foods;
    • No beer;
    • Less soda/cola drink;
    • Less sugar;
    • No fatty foods, avoid lechon, grilled pork, pork adobo;
    • Have a balanced diet:
      • Bread and tuna fish with Jimm's 7 in 1 Coffee in the morning;
      • Quaker Oats, fish, vegetables and fruits with Del Monte Fit & Rite for lunch;
      • Only Quaker oats or Nesvita and plenty of water for dinner.
My boss' favorite line when it comes to dieting - "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper." Unfortunately, I can't strictly follow that.

Okay...where were we?
  • Exercise.
    • Outdoor jogging for 45 minutes a day at least 5 times a week;
    • Lift weights at a level where I felt the "burn". I bought a pair of Muscle Power dumbbells weighing 5 pounds each dumbbell, which is pretty affordable at only Php180 in a local department store. I also bought a generic China-made chest expander at Php120 only.
Going to the gym will cost me much because I live in city outskirt. But for those who can afford, the better.
    • Enjoy your routines, play some music during exercise.
    • Or better yet, dance your heart out at least 30 minutes per day to sweat out.
  • Discipline.
    • Sleep early, wake up early - 8 hours of sleep will do (9pm down 5am);
    • Stay away from television. Studies say there's tendency that people get fat due to lesser body activities and eating of junk foods and drinking cola while watching tv.
    • Give smoking a big NO!;
    • Drink moderately, occasionaly.
I used to averagely weigh 150lbs. Now, I feel good at 135!

Disclaimer: the products mentioned in this post are not blog advertisers or sponsors but the author's recommendations based on his personal health program.