How to Show Missing 'Change/Remove' button in Control Panel Add or Remove Programs

In Windows, we usually uninstall drivers or softwares through the Add or Remove Programs which is located at the Control Panel.

The Add or Remove Programs shows a list of softwares installed in your computer. When you click the listed name of the software there are options which you can click for an action. The 'Change' option is used to repair the program, which means that exactly the same components from the original installation will be reinstalled. The 'Remove' option uninstalls the program.
But what if you can't find the 'Change/Remove' button when you want to uninstall a driver or software through the Add or Remove Programs?

Here's a step-by-step procedure to show the 'Change/Remove' button. Before proceeding, I urge you to create a system restore point because you will be modifying the registry. Please be extra careful.

1. Go to Start/Run

2. Type 'regedit' (w/o the quotes) then click OK;

3. Navigate to:
Uninstall\[Name of Software]

4. If the 'NoRemove' entry with value of 0×00000001 (1) is present, it means that the 'Remove' button is not shown. If the 'NoModify' entry with value of 0×00000001 (1) is there, the 'Change' button is also not shown.

5. Double-click the 'NoRemove' or 'NoModify' entry and change the value to 0 (read: zero).

6. Close and then re-open the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel and the 'Change/Remove' button will now appear.