How to Detect a Possible Virus / Spyware or an Empty File in Limewire

It's quite simple.

All you have to do is find out by strictly scrutinizing the file name, file size and bitrate.

A Limewire download could possibly be a virus / spyware or an empty file...
  • If the file name contains something like "... sexy girl has shaking orgasm ", "... was stripped and bumped hard ", "... playing with her dildo " and other words pertaining to a sexual act or acts.
  • If the file size is less than 1000 kb or 1 mb. Normally a .mp3 file is 4mb, more or less, in size.
  • If the file does not have a bitrate. Bitrate refers to the size, over time, of a video or audio stream.
Take a look at the posted image. The file with an arrow is a suspected virus / spyware or an empty file.