How to Add Special Characters (ASCII) to your Name on Friendster

Okay, you're a Friendster user. You're fond of customizing the layout and tweak it to hide ads, have a transparent background or just anything that makes your Friendster page very nice to look at.

This time, you wanted to customize your name on Friendster purposely to make it unique and be shown at the top of the list in your friends' pages.
All you have to do is add special characters in your name like {---} or [***]. Unfortunately, Friendster doesn't allow you to do that.

When you add special characters before or after your name, an "Error" notification will be seen.

Here's a simple way to avoid it. Just follow these steps:
  • Download the ASCII Tool By: ß®åîñ§†èw. It's a freeware and a standalone program which is capable of making special characters.

  • Login to your Friendster account.
  • At the upper right side of your Friendster "Home" page, find "Settings" and click it.

  • Now, open the ASCII Tool. Click "CLEAR BOX" button.
  • Scroll down and choose your desired special character template and then click it. Remember that Friendster only allows 15 characters to be entered in the name box so choose a short one like this •÷^v´¯).
  • Add your name like this •÷^v´¯)COOL.
  • Click "COPY BOX" and paste it in the box for First Name.

  • Type your Last Name then choose "No" on "Display last name on profile [?]" option, and then click "Save". If successfully done, you will see a notice such as this.

  • Go to "My Profile". You will see that the special characters have already been added as prefix to your name on Friendster.

There you go. You will surely enjoy customizing your Friendster.

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