Apple officially sells unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong

Hong Kong gets the iPhone without the carrier obligations by which many other countries must abide.

Available officially through Apple on its Hong Kong regional site, the 3G iPhone is compatible with any carrier's SIM. However, the devices do come at a rather prohibitive price point: HK$ 5,400 ($694.75) for the 8 GB and HK$ 6,200 ($797.65) for the 16 GB.

Apple sells unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong

This price is slightly offset by the versatility it offers in terms of voice and data plans, as Hong Kong's 3G network coverage is among the most diverse in the world. The island nation has 3G and GPRS coverage from Hong Kong CSL, Hutchison (aka "3"), One-2-Free, PCCW, and SmarTone/Vodafone.