Has Anyone Tried Freegate?

Publisher's description:

This program helps Internet users in China to access the Internet faster and more stably. Many users report that Freegate makes visiting overseas websites just as fast as visiting local ones. A unique encryption and compression algorithm is implemented to secure and optimize users online activities.

Freegate according to Wiki:

FreeGate is a software utility that enables Chinese and Iranian surfers to view websites banned by their government. Developer Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) estimates Freegate has 200,000 users. The maintainer and CEO of DIT is Bill Xia.
How Freegate works:

The software takes advantage of a range of proxy servers assigned to changeable internet addresses, which allows users in China, Iran, Tunisia and Myanmar access to sites banned by the Chinese, Iranian and Myanmar governments. The program exploits open proxies, which allow users to penetrate firewalls used to block web sites.

Update: Version 6.77 supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish and Farsi interfaces.

Where to download Freegate?

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