Smartbro to PLDT MyDSL Switch: No easy transition

Yippy! I have already cut-off my Smartbro subscription last week.

My experience with Smartbro wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare!

Smartbro service is poor. When you email them to lodge complaints after getting intermittent speed or disconnection, they reply with no direct answers to queries. In some instances, they don't even bother to reply. When you request for onsite technical assistance, they will say their contractors will just come to your home. One week, two weeks, a month and forever they will not come.

Some months ago when I planned to replace the pole to get a higher RSSI (signal), I just hired people from the neighborhood because I knew Smartbro will not help. There were also times that I wasn't able to get good signal from Smartbro especially when its raining hard or there's a typhoon in some parts of the country.
One event which got me really disappointed with Smartbro was when I questioned them on what happened why my IP location has been transferred from my original basestation location in a Davao province to Manila. I got no sufficient answer from them despite the emails.


Because I have terminated my Smartbro subscription so as not to pay the whole month prior to my availment of PLDT MyDSL, I'm currently using my phone's GPRS to get connected to the internet. The speed is way faster than Smartbro at 3.5 mbps for just 20 pesos an hour. However, using the cellphone is not that user-friendly, the screen is small and it's hard to type on it.

PLDT MyDSL will be available in my place before the month ends. At 998 pesos per month, they promise a stable 512 kbps connection. My technician friend informed me that they are just awaiting for the new lines to be tapped to the new equipment. The modems are ready in anticipation to heavy subscription applications in our area.

It really is not an easy transition. I have to be patient though. I am positive it will be a much better experience with PLDT MyDSL.