New system prevents Smartbro subscribers from using residential subscription for multiple connections

Earlier this month, Smartbro subscribers experienced a stricter Smartbro service. The company intensified its collection efforts and a new security system is being implemented.

A friend of mine, whose friend is a Technician from Smartbro, has informed me that a new equipment, acquired by both Smartbro and Globe not long ago, will prevent a subscriber from using multiple connections (through a Local Area Network or LAN) with just one Smartbro subscription. This has stemmed from the entry of Smartbro's prepaid service.

Before, a residential account (Plan 999) can be easily used for multi-connections through a switch or hub. Another way is to clone the IP of the rest of the computers connected in a network with a router. I have seen several internet shops doing it. Now, it's different.
What this new system does is to register only one physical address of an ethernet adapter. If another computer is detected using the same account/connection, it automatically redirects the second computer to the smartbro portal, therefore blocking it from accessing the internet.

There is, however, a very easy workaround on this which has been discussed by subscribers in many forum websites. One account can still be used for many computers through a server. The computer that has an ethernet adapter legitimately registered in Smartbro's system can be used as the server. All the user needs to do is to install a second lan card to allow connection to the switch or hub and presto! the connection for the other computers within the network is up.

But hey, posting and telling you this does not mean a recommendation from the author. What was presented is an existing and true scenario.

Still, the best and legal way is to avail a corporate package. If you're interested or just curious, you can view 'em here.