Move 'My Documents' to a Different Location

'My Documents' is a folder where you can store documents, music, videos, pictures and other personal files.

Usually it stores up almost every file you save in your computer, except for program or installation files.

The default location of 'My Documents' folder is C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents. 'C:' is the drive letter where Windows is installed and 'User Name' is the user currently logged-on.

The big risk of having 'My Documents' in drive C: is that when you reformat the drive, 'My Documents', which is the storage of your important data, is also deleted. To prevent this from happening, change the location of your 'My Documents' folder.
How? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click 'Start'and point to 'My Documents'.

2. Right-click 'My Documents' and click 'Properties'.

3. Click the 'Target' tab and then:
* click 'Move';
* click the folder which will be the new location of 'My Documents';
* click OK twice.
* If there is a need to create a new folder, click 'Make New Folder';
* type your desired name for that folder then click OK twice;
* in the 'Move Documents' box, click 'Yes' to begin relocating files.

It's really important to have a back-up drive so you can securely place your 'My Documents' folder there.