To express my views, to extend help to other computer users and to earn an extra - these are my purposes for blogging.

Whenever I write, I always see to it that the articles are brief and simple, easy to comprehend and useful. The tweaks, particularly those I originally wrote, were carefully studied and personally tested to make sure that it will be of great help to end users.

Earning monetary benefits is an objective, but I felt it should be the least priority. Alright, banners are displayed all over my blog but the logic is, it is reader discretion to click, buy, or even ignore these. The blog advertisers were carefully handpicked by me to ensure that they are most suitable to readers that this blog caters.
A Learning Process

Blogging is a learning process. New styles, new ideas keep coming in everyday. Bloggers, me included, must keep abreast of the latest developments on the web so as not to be left behind.

When ample time and funds are available, a blogger should keep himself updated and enhanced with more knowledge through developmental seminars and trainings, which will empower him to excel in the field.

The Plan

That is why myself and some friend bloggers are planning to attend a three day event that will connect and educate bloggers and advertisers alike.


The event will be on September 11th-13th, 2008 at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Izeafest is an event that will feature top caliber speakers. The Keynote Speakers are no less than Jeremy Schoemaker (http://shoemoney.com) and Merlin Mann (http://43folders.com), two of the Top 100 Bloggers in the World.

To know more on the schedule, travel info, speakers, event partners and registration, visit Izeafest.com now!

Here's a video of Izeafest for your appreciation.

See you there!