ISP Switch: From Smartbro to PLDT MyDSL

In less than a month, I will be switching internet service provider - from the crappy Smartbro Wireless Broadband to the stable PLDT MyDSL Internet.

Although they are sister companies, PLDT MyDSL has a lot more to offer than Smartbro. While the latter offers up to 384 kbps for Php 999.00, without anything attached to the package but a canopy antenna and lately a usb modem, PLDT MyDSL can give a subscriber a speed of up to 1 mbps for only Php 990.00 experience plan - its DSL + landline.

Ordinarily, upon applying tweaks, a Smartbro connection can reach as high as 1.2 mbps depending on many factors affecting the antenna: RSSI, Usercount, Aggregate, time of day, weather among others. PLDT MyDSL is the opposite. It is stable and can give you a speed of 1.2 mbps up to 3 mbps if applied with the appropriate tweaks. I have proven it myself when I had the chance to tweak a rented computer with TCP Optimizer.
Based on various articles and fora that I have read, Smartbro is only good for ordinary web surfing while PLDT MyDSL is excellent on online gaming, video and audio streaming, much more on web surfing and many others.

Soon I will be filling up PLDT MyDSL application form and will bid goodbye to Smartbro. Smartbro has caused me much headache: poor customer service and generally slow internet speed given to subscribers, despite the fact that I created tweaks to improve connection.

Cost efficiency and reliabity are a way ahead moving in favor of PLDT MyDSL. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there who will agree with me.