How to Monitor Networking Activities Without Using a Third Party Software

There are several known programs for monitoring throughput on both incoming and outgoing data on computer networks. NetStat Live and TuneUp Utilities are two of them. But what if these tools are not available?

There is one great built-in tool in Windows XP that can be used in lieu of the aforementioned programs - the Windows Task Manager. Explore it and you will be amazed of what nice things it can do for you.

Here are some simple ways to monitor both incoming and outgoing data on your computer:

1. Open Windows Task Manager by simultaneously pressing Ctrl/Alt/Del.

2. Click 'Networking' tab.

3. Click 'View' and then click 'Select Columns'.

4. Mark 'Bytes Sent Throughput' and 'Bytes Received Throughput'.

5. Click OK and exit Windows Task Manager.

You will be able to do network monitoring as intended.