Coolbuster's FOURmula for Faster Broadband Speed and Reduced Latency

Adding to Cablenut and TCP Optimizer is a light and simple yet very effective program for tuning and tweaking broadband connections.

I introduce to you Dr. TCP. This tool is from Dr. TCP and some forum members of
It is a standalone program so there's no need to install it after downloading. You can place the exe file at the desktop or any folder in any hard disk drive and just put a shortcut somewhere preferably in the desktop and it is ready for use. The user interface is simple and it uses less system resources at a size of 1.7mb only.

Now for the tuning and tweaking part, please follow the FOURmula.

1. Download Dr. TCP.

2. Place it at your desktop and then run it.

3. Put the following values in each corresponding boxes:
* Tcp Receive Window = 128480
* Window Scaling = Yes
* Time Stamping = No
* Selective Acks = Yes
* Dial Up (RAS) MTU = "leave it blank"
* Path MTU Discovery = Yes
* Black Hole Detection = No
* Max. Duplicate ACKs = "leave it blank"
* TTL = "leave it blank"
* Adapter Settings = "select your adapter"
* MTU = 1500

4. Click 'Save' then 'Exit' and then restart computer to apply changes.

1. Faster broadband speed.
2. Reduced latency.

1. Have a fresh installation of Windows XP before applying this procedure.
2. Do not mix it up with the 10 Steps to Faster Smartbro to avoid messing up tcp/ip settings.

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