3 Speed Test Servers now available for Philippine Internet Users

This one's good news!

In the past, only one server in the Philippines, which is sponsored by Bayantel, is available for speed testing. Now there are three.

If you are from the Philippines and you go to www.speedtest.net, you will be brought to the Philippine map where these servers are located.

First, the one in golden yellow is the server recommended by speedtest.net. It is located in Quezon City, Philippines. Sponsored by Bayantel, this server gives me a latency between 310-360.
The second server is sponsored by PLDT. Homed in Makati City, Philippines, this server says that I have a latency of 75-100.

The third server is located in the south, specifically in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. It is sponsored by Philcom Corporation. It reveals my latency of 300-320.

At least now, we have a choice on what server to test our connection with.

The distance between user location and the server plays an important role in determining exact connection speed. The farther a user is to the server, there's more probability that he gets inaccurate results.

Factors like latency, weather, internet traffic and many others can affect the results of speed tests.

So there you go. Enjoy speed testing.