PLDT MyDSL Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to pressure PLDT to provide you with the speed that you are paying for.
  • Call your agent or area head supervisor who handles your account. Know the minimum speed you should be getting for that plan and know how far you are from the distribution of PLDT (the farther you are, the slower the speed you will be getting). Knowing the minimum speed will distinguish the plan that you applied for. For example: if you have a 3Mbps plan, you should be getting 70% of the 3Mbps and only if you are less than 2 kilometers from the PLDT distribution point.Make a log sheet (e.g. on excel) every time you get disconnected and for how long you got disconnected. Monitoring software like HostMonitor will help you log your internet activity especially when you get disconnected.Every time you get disconnected, report it to 171 or 172.
  • Log the calls you made to 171 / 172 / 173. Log the date, time, department you called (e.g. 171 + extension), name of the agent who answered the phone, ID number of the agent, the problem/concern why you made the call and if you want to log more details, you can put a "remarks" column.
  • Give specific instructions to the agent of 171 / 172 / 173 not to close the ticket until somebody verified it if your connection is ok or not (you should insist that somebody should give you feedback before they close the ticket). You should be firm on every instruction you are giving to the agent.
  • Log the calls of the technicians or whoever from PLDT who called you or whenever you receive calls from PLDT. Log the calls the same way you log the calls you are making to 171 or 172 or 173. Get the technician's name, ID, time and date of call.
  • Wait at most 48 hours. If nobody calls you from PLDT to give you feedback, call the 171 or 172 or 173 again to check the status of your ticket. If your ticket has been closed, ask for the ID of that technician who closed your ticket and file a complaint to the customer service (via email) against that technician or whoever closed the ticket without giving you feedback.
  • Apply for a rebate. This is a little bit tricky. Every subscriber is entitled for a rebate. Call the 171 extension 53 when you apply for a rebate. Ask for a rebate to all your downtimes. A lot of times, the agents will tell you that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED FOR A REBATE SINCE THE PROBLEM/TICKET IS/WAS NOT OPEN FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS and rebate should be given to tickets opened for more than 24 hours and that's their company policy. Take note, "company policy" is not part of what you signed for in the agreement form. That 24 hour policy for the rebate is not mentioned or disclosed on your contract. According to the NTC as I have verified it, subscribers are entitled for a rebate even if the downtime was only for an hour and it should be "prorated". You should insist your right for a rebate.
  • Ask for a detailed copy of how they compute your rebate. This time, your record keeping will come in handy. You should check against your record which downtime they applied for a rebate. Most of the time, they don't include a lot of downtime on your rebate and you should insist that they should include it. That's why, you should keep a detailed log of your call to 171, 172 or 173 so you have records so PLDT can't fool you.
  • If you are not getting what you paid for, try to write a complaint against PLDT at the DTI and NTC. You should exercise your right as a customer/consumer. You should get what you are paying for. Don't let PLDT rip you off.
Hope that these tips will help.

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