How To Speed Up Opera

"Here are a few tricks to speed up Opera:
  • Go to Tools -> Preferences..., click on the Advanced tab and find Network on the left side of the window. Now click Server name completion.
  • To speed up internet browsing in Opera, go to Network under Preferences, and set Max connections to a server to 16, and Max total connections to 20.
  • Users of old computers should probably turn javascript off by default unless a page requires it. This is one of the biggest slowdowns for webpage loading, since Java, and Javascript can be very complex, and take a long time to load. Remember F12 toggles these settings easily and quickly.
  • Put the cache on a drive different to the one your operating system is installed and keep the drives well defragmented. A good idea is to put the cache directory on a flash disk. To put the cache somewhere else, add the following line to the [User Prefs] section of opera6.ini:
Cache Directory4=your\path\here
  • You can find the opera6.ini file in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile.
  • Favicons will use resources, if you need absolutely minimal resource usage, turn them off. You can do this by going to Tools -> Preferences... -> Advanced -> Browsing and selecting Show no icons under the Page icons section.
  • Use standard windows skin, and disable special effects, which will save a few CPU cycles.
  • One more thing. You can change the process priority of Opera to get a further enhancement (set to high). Do this only if you are not multitasking with other apps."