Faster Speed with New Firefox 3.0

After installing Firefox 3.0, my browsing speed went amazingly fast. Images and texts load faster, speed tests have improved.

Before, with and i only get an average of 2 to 3 mbps on speed tests with Smartbro's bandwidth offering of just 384 kbps.

Here are the results after installing Firefox 3.0, take a look.

From a ping of 650 and over, the ping now plays between 300-360 only. Isn't it amazing?
Here's what I did:
1. Backed up my files in a separate drive.
2. Deleted the partition (Drive C:).
3. Reformatted Drive C: but not the quick format.
4. Freshly installed Windows XP SP2.
5. Installed only the most needed softwares, including Nod32, Spyware Blaster and Firefox 3.0 among others.
6. I did all the internet connection and computer performance tweaks found in my Blog.

I found out that it is better to reformat the computer at least once a quarter. Just make sure to backup your files before making a fresh Windows XP installation.