How To Unblock / Unlock Memory Card

Okay, you have set a password for the memory card of your Nokia phone. Obviously you did it for the purpose of securing data stored in that card. Then one day, you forgot your password or out of nothing the memory card became inaccessible.

What will you do? Panic? You don't have to. Don't recall all passwords that are jumbling on your mind either. The easiest thing to do (that many mobile phone users don't know) is to rename the memory card.
Surprisingly simple isn't it? But how do you rename your memory card? Here:
  1. Go to the mobile phone Menu/Gallery and then scroll down to the memory card. Just highlight it, do not open yet.
  2. Instead, go to Options/Rename mem. card, enter Select.
  3. Delete the old name by pressing Clear several times until the entry is clear.
  4. Now, type your desired new memory card name and press OK.
That's it, you can access the memory card again!

Note: This procedure has been done on a Nokia 6300, which is a S40 series phone, with a MicroSD Memory Card. It's up to you to try this with other phone models.

Other solutions via Mobile Tips and Tricks

For Nokia s60 1st and 2nd edition phones.
1. First Install FExplorer in your phone memory.
2. Got to drive C: , you will find a file called mmcstore
3. Send it to your pc directly and open it in notepad or rename the file.
4. At the end of the file you will find your password.

For some of the s60 3rd edition phones and almost all the E-series phones.
The remote lock option in E-Series phone allws you to unlock your phone by sending a sms. The only thing you have to do is to activate this feature by going to Tools > Settings > Security > Phone and SIM > Allow remote lock menu. The password of your memory card will be your remote lock message. So you have to just send a sms containing your remote lock message that will automatically change your memory card passsword.