How to Speed Up a Dial-Up Connection

I visited some townsfolk somewhere in the countryside in the beautiful paradise of Mindanao, Philippines a couple of weeks back.

Upon roaming around downtown, I noticed a small internet shop. I expected it to be using a dial-up connection since there wasn't any available broadband ISP there. I got in and rented a computer for an hour. I appreciated the fact that I never got a problem browsing because the connection was surprisingly fast. I got curious how they did it so I befriended the owner who happens to be a family friend of my relatives there. After chit chatting for ten minutes, I got from him their tweak.

I thought of sharing this tweak to help dial-up users have a better/faster connection.
Here's how:
  • Go to Network Connections from the Control Panel, right click the internet connection, select Properties, and then uninstall 'QoS Packet Scheduler'.
  • Open Registry Editor, go to Start/Run and type 'regedit'.
  • In the window, expand
  • Add a new DWORD named 'BufferMultiplier' with the Decimal value of 1024.
  • Now, expand
  • Delete the entry {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}.
  • Next, expand
  • Add new DWORD value, name it 'IrqXPriority' where X corresponds to the IRQ of your modem; give it a decimal value of 1.
  • Also, expand
  • Give the DWORD entries the following Decimal values:
Class = 1
DnsPriority = 1
HostsPriority = 1
LocalPriority = 1
NetbtPriority = 1
  • Restart computer.
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