Test Your Anti-Virus!

Alright, this is a not-so-old post I did at one of the fora. I'm going to repost it here coz other people might ask if they picked and installed the right anti-virus systems on their computers.

Is your AV software effective? Well, there's one way to find out!

"To test your antivirus in full safety, you can use the file of Eicar test. This file is detected as a virus by the antiviruses but it is not one, it does not contain any viral code. If the false virus is detected, it is that your antivirus is active and protects you.
1. To create this false virus, you need simply to create a file inside Windows. Click on the Start button, All Programs, Accessories then on Notepad.

2. Then recopy the following character string in the Notepad:


3. Then save the file while clicking on File then Save as.

4. Unroll the “Save as type” list then select the option All files.

5. Add the name of file eicar.com in the zone File name. Choose the location where you want to save it (on Desktop) and then click on Save button.

6. If your antivirus is correctly activated, it must then alert you instantaneously presence of the Eicar virus.

7. Then ask your antivirus to remove the file.

If your antivirus does not see anything, then you have a problem. It could be because of two reasons: permanent protection is badly configured or there were some problems during antivirus installation. Then you have to read documentation of your software to correct this problem.

If the false virus is still not detected, you must then seriously think of changing anti-virus software."

View original article with screenshots here.