New Ways To Activate Smart MMS and GPRS

New ways to activate your mobile phone’s MMS and GPRS on the Smart Mobile Network.

To download Smart GPRS setting:
  1. If for example you have a Nokia 6300, key in SET GPRS n6300 and send to 211.
  2. When done with step 1, activate Smart MMS; Key in MMS ON and send to 3401.
Important: Once the configuration setting will be sent to your mobile phone, you will need to select "Save".

The service is free. Just ensure that you have at least 4 pesos airtime balance apart from the free text allocation to receive the setting. Confirmation messages will be sent to you upon each instance of activation.

You will be able to browse the web, upload or download mms goodies and send/receive email through your mobile phone. Surfing on the smart webpage is free; doing it outside their site costs P20 an hour which will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Browsing via Smart mobile phone is fast. In my own personal experience, I get the speed of more than 4.2 mbps as shown in the screenshot.

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