New Version of Vista Transformation Pack Coming Soon

A new version of Vista Transformation Pack or VTP, the program that transforms Windows XP or 2003 User Interface (UI) to Windows Vista Ultimate lookalike, will be available soon.

Recently, popular software programmer WindowsX mentioned in his website that "one of the new things to expect in the next generation of VTP will be a robust, instant and reliable My Documents file search in ViStart". The Vistart build included in the new VTP is way more stable than the previous official release.

The current version, which is VTP 8.0.1, worked perfectly and I am using it until now. The upcoming version is really anticipated by many to be better because of improvements made on the main program and on third party applications like Vistart and Thoosje's Vista Sidebar. What I look forward to in the next version of VTP is: it is lighter on memory usage, will include Vista games pack, GlassToasts, Vista Drive Indicator and folders as well as icons that look even more like Vista's.