Open Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger 9

Have you ever wonder if multiple yahoo messengers can be opened at the same time?

Usually, you have to sign-out first before signing-in your other yahoo account. This will definitely take your valuable time.

Now, here's a step by step procedure to run multiple instances of yahoo messenger.

1) Download and install Yahoo Messenger latest beta version standalone installer.

2) After you installed YM, sign-out and close YM.

3) Download and unzip the Yahoo Multi-Messenger Patch.

4) Go to the folder of the YM Patch and double-click the icon named 'Y!Multi Messenger'. A new window will pop-up.

5) In that window, click 'Enable YMulti', check 'Remove YM ad (Bottom of Yahoo Messenger)' then click 'Remove Ads'.

6) Close the window and you're done!

You can now open your YM as many times as you want and log-in all your active yahoo accounts. You won't anymore miss the messages from your all your accounts!