Catfight of high school students captured on video

Is this what they learned in school? A violent catfight between two female students of Digos City National High School has gone viral online.

The 1-minute-33-second clip, which was posted Wednesday by Facebook user KiiruBii├┐ Jerk, has more than 300 likes, 200 shares, and over 9,000 views as of 12 noon today.

In the video, two high school students are seen engaging in a brawl after their peers teased them. A student even pushes one of the girls so the other gets provoked. Excited onlookers cheer as the girls hit each other.


According to the uploader, he was asked to save the video which will be used to report the students who were involved in the catfight.

Netizens are outraged over the incident. Some called out the school principal to take action while other urged the Department of Education to investigate.

It appears that the fight happened outside the school premises so it's unfair to blame school officials and to say that the teachers were remiss in doing their duties.

However, what the students did shows their lack of moral values. These teenagers tarnished the name and reputation of their alma mater.

Who do you think is to blame?