Hope for Boston tweets fake pictures of 8-year-old bombing victim; Photos go viral on Twitter, spark outrage online

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HOPE FOR BOSTON, a suspected bogus Twitter account, has tweeted fake photos of the supposed 8-year-old victim in Monday’s deadly Boston Marathon explosions.

The first picture showed a boy while the second featured a girl. Both photos bear a tagline that reads “RETWEET for RESPECT.”

Fake photo of Boston bombing victim (boy)
Fake photo of Boston bombing victim (boy)
Fake picture of Boston bombing victim (girl)
Fake picture of Boston bombing victim (girl)
After the pictures quickly spread, a sudden increase—from zero to almost 5,000—was detected on @HopeForBoston’s follower count.

Thousands of Twitter users fell to @HopeForBoston’s trick. The first photo was retweeted 23,244 times and favorited 3,569 times while the second photo got almost 70,000 retweets and 12,000 favorites.

The empathy suddenly turned into outrage when Twitter users noticed that something is wrong with the photos. When checked against facts, it was discovered that the uploaded materials were fake.

The reported 8-year-old casualty who became part of the headlines was a boy and only a spectator, not a girl nor a runner, as the Boston Marathon only has participants aged 18 years old and above.

Disgusted netizens demanded the immediate removal of the viral fake photos of the alleged 8-year-old Boston bombing victim as well as the suspension of the @HopeForBoston Twitter account.
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