MMDA Anti Littering Law

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) last Thursday began re-implementing Regulation Number 96-009, as amended by MMDA Regulation Number 99-006 or the Anti-Littering Law within its area of juridiction. Hundreds of people were already fined at least P500 for violating the law.

“Under the law, violators are issued an EVR (Environmental Violation Receipt), with corresponding fines ranging from P500 to P1,000 and community service for those who cannot afford to pay the administrative fines,” the MMDA posted on its official website.

Do you know the provisions of the Anti Littering Law? If not, well, we have embedded a document, the whole content including the prohibited acts and penalties thereof for reference and educational purposes.

MMDA Anti Littering Law

Rumor is that the MMDA will recommend to MalacaƱang to carry out the Anti Littering Law on a nationwide scale. Are you in favor of MMDA's re-implementation of the Anti Littering Law?
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