Smart Bro WiMAX

It's official! Smart Bro WiMAX is now available. After a year of tests, Smart Communications has finally rolled out on June 19th its newest product, Smart Bro WiMAX, currently being offered in Plan 999 and Plan 799.

Smart Bro WiMAX

According to the official Smart Bro WiMAX product page, subscribers can get a speed of up to 1 Mbps 24/7 at the price of Php 999 per month while up to 512 kbps max speed, also for an unlimited use, is allocated for those who will avail of Plan 799 for only Php 799 a month.

Both plans come with a Smart Bro WiMAX CPE device free of charge.

For related info, click here and here. Smart Bro WiMAX tweaks to make your Smart Bro WiMAX faster will be posted soon.
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